Anyeonghaseyo Samgyeopsal at home? Why not. Available this Sunday I am bringing a samgyeopsal with a twist. A famous 8 colors, 8 flavours to you from Busan. Trust me i tried it already when i was in Busan before. You cannot find this kind of samgyeopsal in any restaurant here in Philippines yet. So be the first to taste it. It's fun too cook and exciting in every bite. Legit lami Korean Taste Also availabe: Kimchi Fried Rice - 150 Kimchi 500g - 140 Marinated Pork 250g/tub for Samgyup with kimchi Flavors: Gochujang(Spicy) Deonjang Sweet BBQ Italian Herbs Curry Wine Garlic Soysauce Garlic Sesame Oil Book your orders 2 days ahead. Book your orders now. 09086254884 Compostela

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